SUNIX SATA1111 PCI SATA Controller Card


  • Fully compatible with PCI Spec. Ver2.3 standard.
  • Serial ATA Specifications 1.0a compatible.
  • Serial ATA II Specifications 1.0 compatible. (Extensions to Serial ATA 1.0a)
  • Provides dual Serial ATA channels (up to 2 drives).
  • Serial ATA maximum transfer rate of 1.5 GB/s.
  • Serial ATA Disk RAID 0/1/JBOD support.
  • Integrated PCI DMA engines.
  • SATA hot plug/unplug hardware support
  • Implements Power Management support.
  • Serial ATA TCQ and NCQ commands support.
  • Serial ATA RAID Manager Configuration Utility support
  • Supports 48-bit LBA (Logical Block Addressing) for hard drives larger than 137GB.