BMB CSD-2000 1200W Karaoke Speaker

It is a breakthrough for routine and traditional Karaoke speakers with a rated input power of 500W as this speaker has a max input of 1,200W.

1. The speaker can be used both for Karaoke and dance music.

2. The speaker reproduces the ductility of sound in Karaoke and the powerful rhythm of dance music. The realization of these two seemingly completely reversed sounds results from several newly-developed technologies.


  • Type: Bass Refiex Type
  • System: 3 Ways 5 Speakers
  • Woofer Unit: 30cm Paper Cone Type *1unit
  • Squawker Unit: 8cm Paper Cone Type *2unit
  • Tweeter Unit: 8cm Paper Cone Type *2unit
  • Max Input Power: 1,200W
  • Rating Input Power: 500W
  • Dimensions: 22.36″(L) * 13.78″(W) * 13.23″(H)
  • Weight: 41 lbs per piece
  • Impedance: 8 ohms